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VPS Hosting

Our clients may use the trading terminal as if they were trading directly from their own computers by connecting to a remote terminal whose server is located in close proximity to a trading server. VPS, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, provides clients with more stability as a result of the quick and safe trading environment that is provided by the server. It ensures that clients have consistent and ongoing access to the internet, protecting them from a variety of challenges that may happen while trading.

How to get our VPS hosting ?

To utilize VPS hosting, you must make a total deposit of at least 500 USD in order to get started. To get VPS hosting, please submit a request to Support@FXTradium.Com or contact us through Live Chat.

  • Please note that if you do not have any trading activities for more than 2 weeks, your VPS hosting will be suspended.

The Advantages Of Using VPS Hosting
From FXTradium

FXTradium VPS

Through VPS hosting, we provide free access to a remote terminal whose server is close to our main server, allowing customers to trade as if they were trading directly from their PCs


Order execution will no longer be affected by poor internet connections since a VPS is always connected and unaffected by external variables like connection difficulties.


VPS hosting is available on any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

FXTradium VPS


You may access your trading account using software installed on your computer while trading on the financial markets through a remote terminal. Parallel trading from two terminals.


Accessing your account and trading on the financial markets will be possible without the need to download and install any software while using our VPS hosting.

24-hour trading

Even when your computer is off, trade on the financial markets with Expert Advisors.

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Boost your trading efficiency and experience with our dedicated VPS.


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