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Regional Representative

One of the partnership programs offered by FXTradium is the regional representative program, which is intended for an experienced IB who has been our IB for more than 3 months and is well-experienced in acquiring new clients or even IBs to develop the business.

What FXTradium offers to them in the event that they submit a proper business proposal would pay a portion of their expenditures as they seek to develop their business operations. If there are any further offers, they will be evaluated on their potential.

You must submit your request for a regional representative via your key account manager in order to be considered for one.


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If you meet the requirements, you may apply to for a regional representative to increase your revenue and attract more clients.


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Risk Warning : Forex trading has a high degree of risk and may not be appropriate for all traders. Trading and investing in these products, especially those using Leverage, is speculative and carries a significant degree of risk to your financial assets. You should ensure that you understand all of the risks associated with a Transaction before proceeding. You should also obtain independent counsel before proceeding. Accordingly, the Company is not obligated to determine the acceptability of these items in light of your specific circumstances. To be clear, trading in leveraged products such as foreign exchange and contract for differences (CFDs) is high-risk, and losses may much surpass the amount of money invested, including any cash, kept on deposit as margin.

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